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1 Decembrie st., no. 25,
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+4 0231 529.621;
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Olimpius ISTRATE
olimpius.istrate [at]
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National Foundation for Community Development

The National Foundation for Community Development (NFCD) is a NGO acting in Romania since 2001, developing various projects and programmes in the areas of community building (focusing on organisational and cultural aspects), formal and nonformal education, continuous in-service training for adults (especially for teachers and trainers) and innovative methods of distance learning and collaboration. The two branches established in Iasi and Bucharest confer the programmes a nation-wide dimension.

The members of the NFCD's board have participated and/ or coordinated various projects in the framework of Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Stability Pact, PHARE, FP5, FP6. They have participated in studies or projects developed by various significant institutions: National Adults' Training Board, Institute for Educational Sciences, University of Bucharest, National Council for Curriculum, Ministry of Education and Research, County Directorate for Culture and National Patrimony etc.

The NFCD has developed social and educational projects, following the European guidelines for action (Resource Center for NGO's, Education Club, Jobrotation, Online Training for Trainers, Bologna Teacher 2010, Online Courses for NGOs, Innovative Guides for Teachers, Promoting local cultural patrimony etc.). NFCD's programmes and social interventions follow three main statutory pillars:

  1. commonwealth identity through authentic cultural values
  2. education research and action
  3. strengthening local civil society.

Examples of projects developed by NFCD:

The JobRotation project (ongoing), initiated and co-ordinated by NFCD, in partnership with the Institute for Educational Sciences, is aimed to the promotion and implementation of the jobrotation concept and scheme in order to: increase the chances of professional insertion in Romania of the long-term unemployed people; develop competencies of employees, by facilitating access to qualification programs in their professional areas; creating the premises for the development of a national-wide jobrotation model. Specific relevant experience is acquired during the project from experts from Poland and Ireland, and also due to the co-ordinating role in implementing jobrotation model in Romania.

Education Club is a project developed by NFCD, partially supported by Agata Publishing House and Association for Excellence in Career. Within the project, weekly meetings with teachers, local (education) authorities, mass-media institutions are established in order to exchange experiences and good practices, to promote new concepts and mini-projects, to issue teachers' publications, to actively participate to the community' life. A nation-wide periodical was issued since 2002 both online and print format - "EDICT - Education Review".

Within the national elearning platform Academia Online ( - see Cursuri section), NFCD is carrying out 4 online courses for NGOs and for teachers: Web design, Communication, Managing educational projects, Creative ideas for children.

Resource Centre for NGOs is a project financed by European Union within a Phare programme. The partnership between NFCD and the Publishers' Association is aimed at providing continuous support for NGOs in Botosani county. Some counselling services are complemented with online support and information, on website.

Promotion of local cultural patrimony is a project supported by NFCD and developed in partnership with County Directorate for Culture and National Patrimony. Within the project, a special curriculum is developed, in order to be undertaken by interested schools (within school-based curriculum classes) and implemented with further support of NFCD trainers.

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